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How am I doing Gen Z?

Sorry for the long hiatus from this (supposedly) weekly blog. I've been working on my rebrand.

Lmfao. I just love using this meme any chance I get. But seriously, I've been working on my rebrand.

If you've followed me for a while, you'd be pretty familiar with my antics- every couple of weeks I come up with some new world to save. I never stopped writing (it's honestly my main emotional outlet), however, these particular writings are not for public consumption. They are simply a "for my eyes only" kind of journaling that invokes my creativity and problem-solving skills. I typically start off my diary entries with something along the lines of "ok, so, let me tell you what happened today" and let my words dance onto the page. Maybe one day I'll come up with a journal template for anyone interested in learning how to get started. In any case, let's talk about the real reason I am writing you all today.

Recently I started on my journey to becoming TikTok famous. I know, kind of a foolish dream to have when you're 27 years old. Someone recently asked me why I even want to be famous. I think they thought I was trying to fill a void of self-worth.

Blah blah, whatever. That's what I say to that.

Although I am not in the game of explaining myself to people, I realized that no matter what I do on a small scale, I will never make waves big enough for significant social impact without so much as the cooperation from other people. Plus, I subscribe to the belief that you don't eat until we all eat kinda thing. Being on the board of a charity association has taught me a thing or two about community involvement. It's also taught me a lot about what it means to be a woman on Noah's ark. I won't get too down-the-rabbit-hole of that analogy but I would really like you to consider what you're doing with your life. What are you building? For whom?

As a woman, I have heard "I don't want to bring children into this world" more times than I can count. It's incredibly sad to me. What in the world do you mean? What bigger blessing is there in this life than the ability to carry a child in your womb and introduce it to the world you have built? And that's when it hit me. If we don't like the world we are living in, we have a build a better one. Quite literally. Build it. It's all there in the realm of infinite possibility- floating around in the ether. We just have to learn how to make it a reality.

When I reflect on the life I have lived and the one that's in my line of vision, I realized that there is a lot to build. I guess this is what it must have felt like for the ancient Egyptians building the pyramids. Does that fit into the narrative of what it means to be a feminine woman? As much as I would love to adhere to the normative standards of traditional femininity, that is literally not what my ancestors fought and died for. Plus, it simply just doesn't work in this era. Women in the workplace in and of itself defies all standards of traditional feminity. It throws the whole equilibrium off. So I thought, if I absolutely have to work (thank you capitalism), let me actually do something worth a damn. What a huge slap in the face it would be to all the women that came before me if I were just to remain quiet and complicit in the destruction of society. I will just not allow it to be me. I can't. I've tried, trust me, I have tried. I have tried to be that docile perfect housewife thing and it literally burned me from the inside out. I didn't know where to go with all of that fire.

To whoever is reading this blog post, please don't ever lose that fire. Don't allow anyone to put it out. It was given to you by Divine Right and it is your responsibility to pass the torch. So I ask you again, what are you building? For whom? Are you building a fortress to keep people out or are you building a community to bring people together? Are you building for just your kids or are you building for their kids too? The list goes on and on but you get my point. This road is hard. Trust me. It is not for the faint-hearted. It is not for those content in their comfort. It is not for those who lack imagination and ingenuity. It is a constant feeling of "back to the drawing board". You have to be willing to fight for something bigger than yourself. That is the basis of all humility.

It doesn't come without discipline, though. And lots of it. That means intentional consumption. Intentional exertion. Intentional manifesting. All of it. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy life. Whatever path you chose, make sure it's balanced. I hear a lot of people say "work/life balance". Your work is your life. It is your legacy. Time is quite literally the most valuable thing on planet Earth. Not gold, not oil, not all the fine jewels in all the castles. It is time. How are you investing it? Are you taking the time to exercise? Read? Write? Meditate? Socialize? Cook? Connect with nature? Nurture relationships? Pray? Self-care is not all about foot massages and facial masks. It's part of it, sure, but don't stop there. Do it with purpose. For a purpose.

I suppose this is a message to all the girlies. I, more than anyone, understand the demands of being a woman. I understand what it's like to feel petrified of being who you are. Do not let it stop you. Faith over fear. Pick something honorable and aim at nothing but that. God will move mountains to help you accomplish your goals. And He will purposely put people on your path to help you get there. In any given situation, say "I am exactly where I need to be", take several deep breaths, and look around. See what He's trying to show you. You're always carrying your brand everywhere you go. Might as well do it on purpose.

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