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The Importance of Not Giving a F^%$

In other words: IDGAFWAMFGTSAM

We care too much what people think. I cannot imagine a worse hell than being confined to the prison cell of another person's opinion. Why do we do this to ourselves? What is it about the human experience that we tangle ourselves up in the thoughts, feelings, and actions of another without honoring and understanding our own? Have they experienced the heartache? Do they know how hard we fought? Do they know what's at risk? No, no and uh.. no.

The better question should be, what do we think of ourselves? What do we give af about? Hmm?

You know what happens when you worry about other people's opinion? We stop being able to think objectively and critically for ourselves. We allow their spirit to penetrate our own and invite self-sabotage into our midst. You know there's this prayer I've been saying quite often- "Lord, forgive me for the hurts I've absorbed from others." In psychology we call those "projections". Like when someone hasn't worked out in 7 years and they're telling you "You're going too hard at the gym. You don't want to burn yourself out" You know what that's called? You guessed it! projection. Keep that energy waaaay over there beloved. Just because you can't do it, doesn't mean I can't.

Is that cocky? Oh well. We've come too far in this healing journey to internalize the insecurities of others. Imagine me worrying about the negativity of another person? Remember, only hurt people hurt people. Those trying to tear you down are only afraid of being left behind as you exceed your goals. Again, projection. If you worry too much about what other people think, you'll be frozen in their fear, too. If you worry about what other people think at all you have already betrayed yourself.

If you find yourself in this constant state of anxiety over social acceptance, it's time for some deep self reflection. Have you even accepted yourself yet? Have you discovered the Divine Light within you? I promise, once you have, everyone's criticisms will sound like white noise. They'll no longer evoke any psychosomatic responses. You'll finally be in control of your own destiny. You really just need to stop giving a f&$^ about other people's opinion.

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I needed this, thank you! Let your light shine xo

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