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Life Coach of the Lehigh Valley Legends

The Lehigh Valley Legends is the first professional basketball organization of the Lehigh Valley. It is a privilege to have been asked to join this incredible organization as the team's official Life Coach and spiritual Chaplain.  

Per the LVL website, our mission is to empower the new generation of young athletes in our community to compete at the highest level with integrity, strength, and determination. We aim to give them the opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams, while instilling in them the value of serving and giving back to the community. 

My role as the resident team's Life Coach and Spiritual Chaplain is to encourage the players to see and move through the world differently. The mindset work will focus on regulating emotions and cognitive functioning through the spiritual lens in order to perform optimally both on and off the court. I provide one on one coaching sessions with each player upon request to support their overall mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

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American Amarian Syrian Charity Society 


The AASCS is a non-profit charity organization based in the Lehigh Valley aiming to provide support and service to the Syrian community locally and abroad. The organization provides youth Arabic language courses as well as college scholarships for budding professionals of the future. An organization that once began as a humble social organization for immigrant Syrian families has blossomed into a charity organization changing the trajectory of first and second-generation Syrians in the greater Lehigh Valley area. As an active board member since 2020. My goal for this organization is to encourage community outreach through children's and women's events that foster a sense of belonging and cultural education. 

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Lehigh Valley Sangha Hiking Club 

"Sangha" is the Sanskrit word for community. As there are no religious requirements to join this hiking group, the foundational principles are based on oneness and wholeness with one's self and the planet. 

Meditation, mindfulness, discussion groups, hiking trips, yoga, lunches, brunches, and dinners are the core goals of the Sangha. Membership in this group has helped me become a more centered and balanced human being. Each month the Sangha chooses a new trail to journey in and around the tri-state area with hopes to expand to other larger trails across the country in the future. 

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