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Melt the Bullet, Break the Eye 🧿

I’m sure you’ve heard of the evil eye before. Cultures across the world have been discussing the effects of a jealous eye for centuries, so this is definitely not some New Age Spiritual belief. The evil eye, in essence, is a superstitious ”curse”, believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when one is unaware. I actually discuss this concept a little more in depth in my book The Thinker in Eden in the chapter on envy- but I won’t go too in depth on it here. (Shameless book plug).

Anyway, I’m visiting a very good friend in Virginia these days and the second I walked into her house, her mother is melting a silver bullet on a spoon in the kitchen. I knew exactly what was going on and immediately wanted in. My friend has had a string of unfortunate colds for the better part of the last 6 months and we wanted to break her evil eye. (Physical illness is believed to be a symptom of this malevolent glare).

My friend’s mother learned this technique from an old Jewish woman that has been practicing Jewish mysticism for decades. Mind you, my friend’s family is Muslim and I am a Christian so this is a practice that transcends religious dogma. During the Middle Ages, the Germans called this Bleigiessen and was typically reserved for New Year’s Day. Many of the Slavic and European countries practice molybdomancy in one capacity or the other. In Arabic, this technique is called ta2 rsasa which literally translates to “breaking the bullet” of bad luck.

Over the last year or so I have been feeling incredible resistance in any personal or career endeavor. Coming from a community like mine, it is not a far stretch to believe this could be the work of the evil eye. Granted, this could very well be all in my head- but the way human consciousness is set up... energy flows where attention goes. In any case, I was next in line to get this Evil Eye off of me once and for all. My friend’s mother recites particular verses from the Quran while I made the sign of the cross and she poured the hot lead into a bowl of water over my covered head. The point is to keep remelting the bullet and repeat the process until the bullet completely shatters. Here’s what we got:

This was the second melting.

This was the third melting. The eye is somewhat visible towards the top.

This was the fourth melting. Absolutely unreal. A visible eye, I couldn’t believe it. Mind you, all three of these pictures were the same hot lead. After each prayer, the lead hits the water and creates a completely different shape. Once this process is complete, the lead is supposed to completely fall apart and that’s how you know the evil eye has been broken.

This, again, is not a religious practice endorsed by the church or any other religious institution. The prayers are meant for God’s intercession. This is a centuries’ old technique to ease the afflicted from whatever hardship they may be going through. A different kind of medicine for the common cold, huh?

Inclusivity is pretty cool. Even if you don’t believe in the power of the evil eye, you cannot deny it’s impact on cultures across the world. During Nazi Germany, this was a very widely held belief among the Jews. It was one of the only ways they could understand the world around them. I’m actually reading a fictional book on the Holocaust titled The World that We Knew that touches on similar topics. I’ll keep you updated if any new information arises. For now though, thank you for tapping in to this little experience of mine. 🧿🧿🧿🧿

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